The answers to frequently asked questions are here. Please email questions to: projectfpm@icbwayland.org

What is this all about?

Family Promise Metrowest (FPM) is a cooperative, interfaith partnership offering hope to homeless families with children. FPM provides safe transitional shelter, meals, and supportive case management as these families seek permanent housing.

ICB Wayland initially partnered with FPM in 2012 by providing financial support. Later, an ICB volunteer group formed and ICB became more proactive in this cause. In 2013, we became a support congregation to Peace Lutheran Church and to Temple Or Atid (Wayland, MA). In 2015, ICB also became a support congregation to Temple Shir Tikva (Wayland, MA).

As a support congregation, ICB Sunday School students, under supervision of their teachers, help the host congregations prepare for the arrival and departure arrangements of the homeless families. ICB parents and other adult volunteers help at dinners for these families, by preparing and serving meals. ICB members also participate in an annual FPM Walkathon, intended for fundraising as well as raising awareness to Fight Away Homelessness.

What do you do in site breakdown?

Breakdown involves removing the mattresses, and beddings, packing up accessories, vacuuming, cleaning the common areas. Usually a group of 6-8 people signs up for this task. Items are placed in plastic bins and delivered to the home where they are being stored.

What do you do in site setup?

Setup involves pick ing up the bedroom accessories. bedding and inflatable mattresses from the home they are stored at, and turning classrooms at the Temple or Church into temporary bedrooms for the families. A typical hosting has about 5 bedrooms. We frequently take our Sunday School teenagers to help with this.

Where is the Day Center and what can I do there?

The Day Center is located 4-6 Mulligan Street, Natick MA. The families use the Day Center from 9am-5pm. There are opportunities to assist there if you are a trained volunteer. Volunteers may assist with mailings, tutor a guest, provide weekend coverage, participate in special events for the families, and drop off requested supplies or clothing.

What is training required for?

All volunteers age 12 and over who interact with the guests must have received FPM training. This includes serving dinner or going to the Day Center.

How can I help if I haven't been trained?

Activities such as cooking, room setup and break-down do not require training. There are also many fundraising opportunities.

Is there any restriction on who can serve dinner?

Occasionally, Family Promise Metrowest requests that families from particular towns not come to serve dinner. This is usually for the privacy of one of the sheltered families who have children in school and who do not want to be recognized by their classmates.

Can I give gifts or money to the families?

You may not give gifts or money directly to families. They may be dropped off or mailed to the FPM staff at the Day Center who will then give them to the families. You may identify whom the gift is for when dropping it off.

Is there a list of urgently needed items?

The FPM Day Center puts out a list of items that are needed when a family moves into a permanent home, has a baby, or when they arrive into the FPM program. Sometimes the Day Center needs items for its operation, and they ask for donations as well.

Can my kids come serve dinner with me?

Yes. You may bring your kids to interact with the guests' kids. If your child is 12 or over, they need to have gone through the FPM training as well. Our suggestion is to talk to your child of any age in an age-appropriate way about how to be sensitive and compassionate to the guests.

What should I cook? Do the families eat ethnic cooking?

We will provide sample menus and information about allergies and dis-likes. Yes, the families do like different types of ethnic food, but an option for kids or picky eaters should also be supplied, and food should not be very spicy.

Where is the Temple Shir Tikva entrance?

The address of Temple Shir Tikva (TST) is 141 Boston Post Rd, Wayland, MA 01778. The Temple is across the street from ICB Wayland, a little further west of us. Drive to the parking area to the left of the building. As you face the entrance on the side of TST, the entrance for the FPM hosts is a smaller door to the left. Go up one flight of stairs.

Where is Peace Lutheran Church?

The address of Peace Lutheran Church/Congregation Or Atid is 107 Concord Rd, Wayland, MA 01778

Will the families ever sleep over at ICB Wayland?

No. ICB Wayland is a support congregation which will help both Temple Shir Tikva and Peace Lutheran Church/Congregation Or-Atid. We are not equipped to create sleeping quarters at ICB.